Monday, August 22, 2011

Engineering the LIFE.!!

So now on I would be known as an engineer (well my degree would say so.!!)

My formal studies are over (for the time being). Life was simple till now and it’s all going to change very soon. Having always led an extremely protected life in a closely knit family, obviously with my own share of struggles as well, things might just surprise me in future. And now looking back at life, there are so many things I would take along with me.

I have had many kinds of experiences all through but life still looks incomplete to me. I really have no idea what is it that will give me the sense of completion but I am still looking for that thing which would lead me to the path of satisfaction. Coming from a very conventional and humble family of people with the most conventional and well thought of jobs, I have grown up to be yet another addition to their list and of course they are extremely happy about it. Having managed a decent job offer at a reputed IT firm at campus selection has now made them think that I have a perfect life ahead. Considering my parents’ extreme efforts even I should be thankful for the life and job both. Trust me they have been extraordinary to me and will always be my heroes. And of course I am grateful. I have friends who are still struggling for a job and I was lucky to have it already way before college ended. I am majorly happy but there is this one part that says there is something more I wish to do. I am still on a quest to find what that “something” actually is and really hope to find that soon.

I am not an avid writer but maybe I’ll change that in sometime. But my main purpose of starting this blog with my own amateur approach is to see how I change and how the world around me changes. With time, I’ll think differently, I’ll do different things, I’ll believe in different things. I’ll evolve into a new person at different stages and I wish to see myself at all those stages of life when I come back to this piece.

And as for my current situation of “moving out” in a couple of months:

Woods are lovely, dark and deep but I have promises to keep.

And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep.